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Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor (ISKD)


The ISKD is a unique concept in limb reconstruction that has greatly improved the potential to lengthen limbs. The ISKD combines the advantages of intramedullary stabilization with the mechanics of external distraction in one device, offering the ability to lengthen up to 8 cm with a simple nailing technique.

Implanted after osteotomy, the ISKD lengthens gradually in response to normal movements of the limb. The ISKD is designed to distract when rotation occurs at the osteotomy site. Because the ISKD is completely internal, the potential risk of infection is reduced compared to lengthening procedures that require external pins or wires. In addition, there is no scarring from pins moving through the soft tissues.

The ISKD is designed to lengthen for a predetermined distance and then stop. A range of sizes are available to offer lengthening for most patients.


The ISKD is indicated for limb lengthening of the tibia and femur and is used for :

  1. Post-traumatic lengthening
  2. Lengthening following acute shortening
  3. Lengthening in cases of congenital shortening
  4. As an alternative to closed shortening

The surgeons benefits are :

  1. Lengthening with a simple nailing technique, gradual callus distraction provides a natural lengthening process
  2. Lengthening in cases of congenital shortening
  3. Mechanical alignment and stability is maintained during lengthening and throughout consolidation

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