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Lengthening Over Nail


During the initial surgery, a metal rod is inserted into the central cavity (intramedullary) of the lower legs (the tibia bone), and then the external fixator device is attached to the bone. As the limb is lengthened, one end of the bone slides over the rod and new bone is grown around it. When the bone is fully lengthened, the external device is removed and the rod is surgically attached to each bone segment. During bone strengthening, the rod provides support instead of the more uncomfortable and unwieldy external fixator device. At the end of the strengthening phase, a second operation is performed to remove the metal rod. Lengthening Over Nails decreases the duration of the strengthening phase by two to three months.

Button Clinical case : Valgus Right Leg with 3 cm Shortening from Polio (See Case #19)