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Cosmetic Leg Lengthening with FITBONE®

This is a fully implantable distraction system which gradually increases the distance between two bone segments through a telescope-like device. This miniaturized, mechatronic actuator, which carries the designation "FITBONE®", also stabilizes the two bone segments after the bone has been separated to create a reproduction (or "growth") zone.

The internal drive system consists of an electromechanical segment, and an integrated electronic module which receives electric power through high frequency transmission from outside. There is no connection between the implant, and the surface of the human body. The nail is connected to an induction receiver that is placed just under the skin. An external control unit powers the telescope nail though the induction plate. A similar technique has been used to power artificial hearts.

This completely internal feature allows, compared to the commonly used "external" systems, a comfortable, painless treatment in which the risk of infection is virtually eliminated, and reduces the formation of scar tissue significantly. There have been no infection-related complications whatsoever in FITBONE® treatments up to date. Besides, previous FITBONE® experiences have shown that the fully internal distraction method reduces the hospitalization period after surgery significantly, so that re-integration into the regular activities is possible at early stage.


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